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R & D, Jinhua Haina Xinlong auto parts Limited company specialize in auto leather seat cover production, sales. After years of standard management, the company has become one of the domestic car industry's largest production enterprises. The company brings together research and development, many industry experienced plate making, sewing, excellent professional and technical personnel to install, has a highly efficient, professional sales and service team: learning to absorb domestic and foreign automobile industry leather seat cover advanced production technology and management philosophy. The first-class equipment, first-class technology, first-class quality management system, to ensure that each product environmental protection, exquisite production, uniform gauge, smooth lines, natural mellow, in the industry establish a good reputation, has won numerous customer support and trust. Every car full of cutting-edge technology, but still maintain the leather traditional manual process, to future scientific interpretation of the traditional Xin Yalong technology, to create fine hand to retain the essence.



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